Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Windows PCs

Microsoft launches new Office 2016 on Tuesday for Windows PCs, after Windows 10 this is the second big product from Microsoft.

Office 2016 is determined to develop teamwork among users. Office 2016 which updates tools like Word, PowerPoint and Excel for the first time since the Office 2013 release — adds features like “co-authoring” in Word, which lets several users type in a document and see what others are doing in real time. Other updates take in new chart styles in Excel, an “Office 365 Groups” feature aimed at lineup projects and a “Smart Lookup” utility that lets users drop information from the web into a document.

Overall, Office 2016’s new features are intended to drag Microsoft’s tools into the contemporary world of real-time collaboration, cloud-based storage, team chat — and other team-focused features from competitors like Google Drive, Slack and further more.

“[O]ur time is the scarcest commodity,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote in a blog post Tuesday to proclaim the Office 2016 release. Nadella’s post focused on Office 2016 as part of the “mobile first, cloud first” strategy he has pushed since taking the helm at Microsoft in February 2014.