Apple I OS 5 (IOS5) Download Links for Download Manager

A few of my clients have been trying to update their Ipads with great frustration becuase the ios5 update keeps timing out.

BACKUP YOUR PHONE FIRST!!!!!! You have been warned!

here are the direct download links so you can use a download manager like Free Download Manager (FDM) from Remember to restart your browser after you install the download manager.

Also, you may have to configure your download manager first to monitor firefox and internet explorer or Chrome.

To do this, open FreeDownloadManager, click Options, click Settings, click Monitoring.

Tick firefox and internet explorer.  You are welcome to try google chrome, but the plugin did not work for me.

Then close all your browser windows and start your browser again for the new plugins to work.

Open this page again and click the correct link for your apple product


Build number is 9A334, these links are hosted on Apple’s servers, if you are having trouble downloading IPSW, right-click and choose “Save As”.

Save the file.

open I tunes put your mouse over the restore button hold the shift button click the right mouse and then click your iOS 5 update and it will up load that way .


All credits go to this site that finally helped me download this massive file