Blackberry Email Setup

This is to help people who need to set up blackberry or are having problems changing their blackberry settings on their phones


First try on the phone!

Setup / Email setup / click account to edit or create new

You probably found this site because you didn’t get it to work

For vodacom aka vodafone blackberry go to

for mtn go to

it took me 2 days for struggling to find these sites. Hopefully this information will save you some time.

Please note that these sites are for South Africa networks.  Feel free to post more in the comments


One Response to “Blackberry Email Setup”

  1. Brian Robinson said on June 15th, 2011 at 7:20 pm:

    I would like to set up my outlook 2007 on my computer and have my e-mails sent here as well. Kinda like a exchange server or a way for me to have information transferred. Please can you assist

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