South African Police Service (SAPS) Success stories

This is not the normal type of article on our website, but after being robbed several times and having clients robbed, it’s good to see the Police are starting to describe their success stories. It may be small in comparison to the number of crimes commited, but it put some belief back in me that there can be some justice.

This site needs to be out in the public domain. Kuos to the police. Hope to see this success list grow rapidly, esp if everyone is checking it and waiting for the cops to add their stories.,%2002%20Apr%202011%2018:22:19%20GMT

I also receive the local armed response companies weekly newsletters and it never ceases to amaze me how resourceful and out-of-the-box-thinking criminals are nowdays. Some people still live in the illusion that we live in a crime free society. Common sense can prevent a lot of unwanted situations. If you have been  the victim of a burgulary or worried that you might be in the future, pleae feel free to give us a call to access if a customised quality CCTV system would suit your situation. Though normally used for after the fact, fater reading some of the police stories and from our own clients experiences, CCTV cameras if installed correctly can help put ciminals behind bars.