PC overheating! Prevention is better than cure.


PC overheating! Prevention is better than cure.
Did you know that just as a person working outside in the hot sun struggles to work at their peak, a cpu slows down when it overheats.
Before pentium 4, if a CPU overheated, it literally went up in smoke. Tom’s Hardware publised a series of videos showing what happens
All newer CPU’s have thermostats built in that slow the CPU down the hotter it runs, thereby reducing the temperature.
This means that your expensive gaming rig might run as slowly as an old workstation.
A regular service by qualified technicians can minimise the risk of your pc running slowly.
Home pc’s as well as those in office enviroments generally need a service once a year. Factories and labs need a service every 3 to 6 months
Prevention is better than cure. A preventative maintenance service costs considerably less than a repair after the damage is done.
It also minimizes the chances of your pc crashing when you need it most.