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Netbook vs PC CPU Comparison

MajorTech MTD8 Digital Geyser Timer

Our new office at 43 1st Avenue in Newton Park was using almost 3 times the amount of electricity as the previous office.

It took us a while to found the cause as all the equipment was still the same. 

Turns out we have a much bigger geser and left unattended it uses around 24 units of electricity a day.  

We looked around at some of the heavy duty timers as the standard pool timer at 10amp is not enough for a geyser and would melt.


We found the Majortech MTD8 Digital timer with 8 on/off programmable settings that can run up to 20A.   We did not find the manual that was supposed to be in the box.A quick email later and a very prompt response from majortech and we have the PDF version of the manual.

I am sharing it here in case I lose it or anyone else is looking for it as the manual is not posted on their website.

We have set the geyser to be on from 4am to 6am and off the rest of the day and so far we still have hot water.  

MTD8 Manual

The Power Of Words

Someone shaed this video on google plus this afternoon.   I really woke me up.   It got me thinking.



Internet Explorer 9

I had the misfortune of windows crashing on my laptop over the weekend. Thankfully we  have automatic daily backups.

With the new install of windows 7, I decided to try Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), not expecting much difference.

Man is it fast. Even Chrome doesn;t open pages that quickly.  Internet Explorer now comes with its own download manager, which is working so far.

You can grab the full 32 bit installer here.

This will allow you to put it on your flash drive and install it anywhere. I hate having to download the same thing over and over.