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Cure For AIDS


Did you know:

The testicles of a Rhino poacher can cure HIV/AIDS.

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Windows XP No Internet After Installing SP3

If you cannot get on internet after you have installed service pack 3,  it might be that your DHCP server is no longer giving your PC the DNS server.   We have also noticed that Symantec Endpoint Protection randomly detects your DNS server as an attacker and blocks access to that IP.  For that this patch will not work,  either turn off the Threat Protection in SEP or configure your LAN IP range as exclusions in the Endpoint Protection Manager.


Try this windows update if your PC is not getting the DNS server settings.


xp sp3 dhcp dns patch

MajorTech MTD8 Digital Geyser Timer

Our new office at 43 1st Avenue in Newton Park was using almost 3 times the amount of electricity as the previous office.

It took us a while to found the cause as all the equipment was still the same. 

Turns out we have a much bigger geser and left unattended it uses around 24 units of electricity a day.  

We looked around at some of the heavy duty timers as the standard pool timer at 10amp is not enough for a geyser and would melt.


We found the Majortech MTD8 Digital timer with 8 on/off programmable settings that can run up to 20A.   We did not find the manual that was supposed to be in the box.A quick email later and a very prompt response from majortech and we have the PDF version of the manual.

I am sharing it here in case I lose it or anyone else is looking for it as the manual is not posted on their website.

We have set the geyser to be on from 4am to 6am and off the rest of the day and so far we still have hot water.  

MTD8 Manual

Telkom Fake Warning Email Scam

Received this email from one of our clients today.



This Email is from Telkomsa Communications. We have been monitoring this account through our server's log file and have noticed that this account is been accessed from different distinct location simultaneously as against webmail policy, for security purpose we will be shutting down this Account, unless you verify this account by filling out the outlined Information below or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
Username: …………………………..
Password: ………………………….
Date of Birth: ……………………..

Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconveniences.
Warning!!! Failure to update this account after one weeks of receiving this warning will be tantamount to losing this account permanently.




Please not the non telkom return email as the first clue.  Secondly, Telkom or any other service provider will not ask you for your password.  They have no use for it. They can reset the password to anything of your choosing, but most times cannot check your old password. Thirdly, and probably most obviously, this client is not using TelkomADSL.  They are using our i-Connect DSL service. The Icon Era team requests all our valued clients to be vigilant and if the offer sounds too good to be true, it normally is.  If you have any doubt, feel free to phone the office on 0410040002 or email admin to confirm.