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Connect To The Internet Using Your Cellphone

If you are struggling to connect to the internet using your cellphone and are receiving errors like 691 and 734, then try this

The following steps are for windows 7 but can be followed in the other windows vista and windows xp operating systems as well.

Click start, right click Computer, click manage

Click device manager, click the + sign on the left of modems, then doubleclick your phone modem. eg. samsung usb

click advanced, then add the following in extra initialisation commands


then try your connection again.  If you still need to create a dialup connection, then use the phone number *99#

Wireless Technology



Wireless Technology

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Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer

I have often battled installing google chrome on a pc with a slow or dodgy internet connection.  I normally have to take the pc back to the office and use our internet. That is until i found the offline installer. This allows you to download once and keep it on your flash drive to install.  This is also useful for pc’s using google chrome on an ingternal lan that do not have access to the internet.

the link is . This file at time of writing is just over 20MB