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Sex Is Like Bridge

Sex is like bridge.  If you don’t have a good partner you better have a good hand

PC Not Switching On

This normally happens on mondays.  The new ATX power supplies in modern computers shut down with a power surge instead of blowing up.  The first thing to try is to pull out the power cable from the back of the tower for a minute to allow the power supply to reset. If that doesn’t work or if there is an expensive smoke smell, it is probably time for a new power supply. Be careful as other components might have blown and these can cause the new power supply to blow again. Strange faults can also happen after a power surge like USB not recognised.

USB Device not recognised

Nothing working on USB?

A power surge may be to blame. Shut down your PC and pull the power plug out the back for 2minutes then plug it back in and try again. If it starts happening a lot, then it may be time for a new power supply.

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After a short break during our move and with no internet, we are back and better than ever